What People Say

”Before coming to Alexander Technique lessons, I had regular upper back, shoulder and neck pain. My lessons have helped me understand the reasons for my problems and improve my posture. Since beginning lessons, I have had no further back problems”

(Moham, business analyst)

My understanding of the Alexander Technique, gained form attending lessons with Berit, has significantly enhanced my life. By giving me the tools to release unnecessary tensions and use my body more efficiently, it has given me an ease of movement and coordination I hadn’t previously experienced. I am an active sportsman and I have improved noticeably in my sports since learning the Alexander Technique. Perhaps to an even greater extent, the notion of relaxation and control has made me far more at ease with myself – more confident and also more pro-active. I have more energy and my life is fuller and more enjoyable as I can move more freely and comfortably and interact with others with greater confidence” 

Duncan, (modern foreign languages teacher) 

Case Study

Neville, company director needing to spend a lot of time travelling, writes his own story below:

Problem: 25 years of increasingly severe back pain including five ‘critical incidents’ sometimes lasting for months where I was completely incapable of movement or travel spending a week or two in constant pain having to lie flat on my back and unable to move or look after myself.

Cause: My lower spine vertebrae are compressed causing bad posture. This produced compensation muscle tension in lower back and inner core muscles, which would spasm regularly under the constant pressure, and then ‘lock’ to avoid further damage and cause me to collapse.

Treatment: Constant trips to osteopaths, medical acupuncture, prescribed drugs (anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxants).

Advice: My osteopath advised me to see if yoga or posture training (like Alexander Technique) might help. I felt that I could not afford the time and commitment so dismissed both. I even contemplated surgery at one point, but because of the low odds of success decided against it.

Solution: Finally driven by desperation – I faced the prospect of being no longer capable of working or indeed moving around every day without pain – I finally took advice and sought an Alexander Technique teacher. After half a dozen sessions I could feel relief, although I did not understand exactly how or why it worked. But, I felt I was gaining control of the physical condition that had plagued me for so long. Now, after almost one year of weekly lessons, the mental panic that I had when ‘my back goes’ is abating, as I comprehend more in the correct use of myself with increasing confidence.

Conclusion: Not to be so pig headed, and to listen to advice, even if it may seem inconvenient! It has taken years of bad posture and misuse of my body to achieve my present condition. It cannot be undone overnight as much as I might wish! There is no ‘eureka’ moment … don’t expect one. It is by nature a gentle process of realignment. The Alexander Technique has worked for me”

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